Essentials of motivation and behavioural change

Knowing how to reduce whatever is stopping people from adopting a healthy life styles and establish new is of high importance for every fitness and health professional. EuropeActive believes that health-compromising behaviour can, and should be diminished, with the help of self-initiated efforts and good professional assistance.

Whilst many people acknowledge the danger consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle there is a long way to real and effective action. Every behavior is motivated by certain factors. There are many factors that are having control on human behaviour. In order to have more people more active, more often which is the goal of EuropeActive we have developed the book Essentials of motivation and behavioural change especially designed to be in help for the fitness, health and sports professionals.

This book is going to give you all the answers that you have searched for in terms of what the actual scene related to health behaviour looks like, what are the factors that are important. It will also fully explain to you the models and the theories that you need to know in order to understand motivation and changing behaviour better.

Brought to you by the best professionals in this area, the knowledge is supported by the recent data that you need. Our authors are the leading professionals in the field of health behaviour and fitness industry.

Do not lose your chance to know the most important things regarding health and fitness sector and how to work on the models of behaviour and motivation and purchase now.