EuropeActive Goes From Strength To Strength

Brussels, 17 February 2016 ‒ Since 2007 the EuropeActive office has been based in Brussels and has had a dedicated staff in Brussels working to protect and promote the interests of the European fitness sector. EuropeActive’s main goal has been the fight against inactivity, and our long-term focus on the continuous development of the sector through the setting of standards, establishing registers for exercise professionals and our work with the EU Institutions, national associations, fitness operators and suppliers.

The European fitness market is bigger than that in the US, and based on its effective work and increasing number of high-quality events the membership of EuropeActive continues to grow. We are the unique voice for the European health and fitness sector with the EU and other international organisations with the support of our 20 National Associations and strategic partners and supporters. Since the start in Brussels EuropeActive has been involved in many projects with EU financial and organisational support in order to help professionalize and grow the sector.

We will follow our own mission, strategy and ambitions and will continue to serve our members. We expressed last year our intention and wishes for a closer collaboration with the global fitness association IHRSA. The departure of the IHRSA’s Europe Director was a unique moment in time to join forces and to support the European industry through EuropeActive. It is a regret that this moment has not been seized by our American friends. Instead, IHRSA decided to engage a management company in Brussels to serve their needs.

EuropeActive believes in a network community and in the past 3 years a very successful and growing strategic partnership has been formed with FIBO (that now runs the largest fitness tradeshow in the world). Both FIBO and EuropeActive implicitly understand the need for cooperation and to avoid duplication and messaging which is why both organisations are so successful.

EuropeActive exists to serve and support our members in an open and transparent way – and carries the widest support of the sector. We provide our members with reliable and comprehensive information about the European industry, innovative concepts, market research and European affairs at the highest level. EuropeActive will tirelessly continue to promote the simple message of More People, More Active, More Often!