EuropeActive partners with iPro sport

EuropeActive is delighted to announce its partnership with iPro Sport, the natural choice isotonic sports drink. The partnership with iPro Sport offers an excellent opportunity for the European fitness market to promote a hydration sports drink free of artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.


iPro Sport

iPro Sport is manufactured using spring water and is naturally sweetened with Stevia - a plant extract native to South America containing zero calories. Aside from drinking an iPro Sport isotonic to stay hydrated it contains carbohydrate, which provides fuel for working muscles, and sodium, which helps to maintain fluid balance throughout your physical activity. It is currently available in 3 great flavours: Orange & Pineapple, Berry Mix and Citrus Blend and with its special formula of added vitamins C, B5, B6, B7, B12 as well as electrolytes and minerals, iPro Sport hits the mark to help you go the distance.

iPro Sport is a company focused on environmental sustainability and are supporters of the agenda tackling the critical issue of plastic in the environment. The plastic packaging used in the manufacture of iPro Sport is 100 % recyclable, positively impacting on the environment.

iPro Sport is the preferred hydration drink of leading athletic organisations, sports clubs, universities, high profile charities, the military and public forces.

Upon announcing the new partnership with EuropeActive Sophie Christy, Commercial Director of iPro Sport UK, commented,

“We are delighted that EuropeActive have recognised the health benefits and quality hydration properties of iPro Sport. Our mission at iPro Sport is to bring a highly functional hydration drink to all active people worldwide. With the full support of our partners and industry experts, EuropeActive, the fitness market is the perfect launch platform for iPro Sport in continental Europe.”



EuropeActive takes part in discussions in Europe on sugar reduction and how to motivate people to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. Member organisations and active consumers are also continually on the lookout for products and services that contribute both to a healthy lifestyle and an improvement of personal achievements. iPro Sport, as a product, contributes positively to the trend in sugar reduction and a more healthy lifestyle.

iPro Sport have committed to make a financial investment back into EuropeActive directly from every bottle of iPro Sport sold in continental Europe to help further professionalise, strengthen and develop the health & fitness sector. This contribution demonstrates that iPro Sport is a brand with a long-term commitment to educating the industry and consumers – actively working towards promoting a low sugar, healthier lifestyle for all.

“EuropeActive supports products and services that help further our mission to get more people, more active, more often” says Nathalie Smeeman, Executive Director at EuropeActive. “iPro Sport hydration drink is an innovative and highly functional solution to combat dehydration and motivate people to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.”


Production and distribution

Production and distribution has already started in the Netherlands. Claudine van Kooten, Managing Director at Lekker Fris says,

“We are pleased to support iPro Sport and EuropeActive in distributing this quality hydration drink to the people of the Netherlands. iPro Sport is a great product, recognised as being a perfect hydration solution and I am confident we will make it a huge success in the Netherlands”.

Starting the second quarter of 2018, iPro Sport production and distribution will also be rolled out in Finland, Baltics, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Russia.


Visit us at the FIBO Tradeshow

Come and visit the EuropeActive stand at the FIBO International Tradeshow in Cologne, Germany from 12-15 April 2018 to try out iPro Sport and find out more about the product range and sugar reduction in the fitness market.



The iPro Sport and EuropeActive partnership launched in January 2018, and products will be available across continental Europe. To learn more about iPro Sport and availability, please contact Sander van Weerdenburg, Commercial Director



About iPro Sport

iPro Sport are fast becoming the leading supplier of hydration sports drinks to the world of sport. iPro Sport offers something others of its kind do not – a fructose-free hydration drink with absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners and in three mouth-watering flavours. Recognised as being the best hydration solution – iPro Sport is requested by leading athletic organisations, sports clubs, universities, high profile charities and military and public forces. Partnerships within sport and continued endorsements from club nutritionists and sport performance coaches are testimony to iPro Sport’s ability to deliver great hydration and aid recovery.

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Sander van Weerdenburg, Commercial Director



About EuropeActive

EuropeActive is the (leading) not-for-profit organisation representing the whole of the European health and fitness sector in Brussels.

The European health & fitness sector serves over 52.4 million consumers, generates 26.7 billion Euro in revenues, employs 650,000 people, and consists of 51,200 facilities. Alongside its significant economic contribution, the sector has a major role to play in making a more active and healthy Europe. EuropeActive’s ambition is to reach 80 million members of health & fitness centres by 2025.

EuropeActive currently represents more than 25,000 fitness centres, 21 national associations, together with market-leading suppliers, education providers and individuals.

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Nathalie Smeeman, Executive Director