EuropeActive secures delegates for Future Leaders programme

Future Leaders is a week long programme held at IESE Business School (Barcelona) from 17th-22nd July 2016, with the aim of taking the sector’s brightest talents, mixing them with the world’s finest business coaches and tutors and developing leadership skills while solving a real-world commercial challenge for your business.

Working with IESE, we have developed an annual leadership programme to upskill the sector’s highest potential middle and senior managers into future leaders and equip them with the tools and strategic insight to make an even bigger impact to their business. Future Leaders will come back with an energised vision for the business, a network of industry contacts in senior leadership positions and the ability to think more creatively, more strategically, and more dynamically about the issues facing the sector.

Five reasons for future leaders to take part

  • Accelerate the acquisition of strategic, commercial and leadership skills
  • Develop new strategies to manage the mega trends shaping the evolution of health and fitness with a particular focus on digital technology
  • Problem solve and action plan for a specific transformational challenge facing your business
  • Enhance the leadership skills of leaders
  • Think outside the industry parameters by looking at global brands, emerging trends and new models of growth

For more information, check out the brochure, which provides further details of the programme including key themes, content, how to apply and the cost.

For more information about ukactive visit their website