EuropeActive welcomes CityFit as a new member!

CITYFIT is an innovative chain of fitness clubs, significantly distinctive from other such facilities in Poland: CITYFIT clubs are open around the clock, 7 days a week. Member registration can be accessed via the internet and entry is possible through fingerprint recognition. This business model allows for competitive pricing and monthly contracts, while maintaining the highest standards. Members can also freeze and unfreeze their membership at any time. Supplied by TechnoGym, EscapeFitness and Ekspert Fitness accessories, CITYFIT focuses on providing the highest quality equipment which members can use without any time restrictions.


Łukasz Gądek, COO of CityFit says:


“The mission of Europe Active: “More people, more active, more often” is very close to ours. CityFit's goal is to activate society; reach people who do not work out and encourage those who train sporadically to train regularly. But, above all, we aim to provide an infrastructure without restrictions in all our fitness clubs. One of our biggest challenges is to attract a younger demographic, and to diversify our product offering to attract all customer groups. Our key to success is combining the elements of  fun, challenge and reward.”


CityFit currently has 15 clubs in 12 Polish cities and continues to look for new opportunities to expand its network.