EuropeActive's book "Essentials for Fitness Instructors" is now available in Greek language

GRAFTS announced that EuropeActive's book entitled "Essentials for Fitness Instructors" is now available in Greek language. GRAFTS just published the translated version of this particular book in order to raise the bar in the fitness education and training by enhancing the European standards to the local market and promoting the vision and mission of all involved parties (e.g. EuropeActive, EREPS, and GRAFTS) nationwide.

Alexis Batrakoulis, Drector of Education, GRAFTS, said:

"We strongly believe that the language barrier is always a critical issue in Europe. Thus, actions like that can help the dissemination of EuropeActive's standards, accreditation system and lifelong learning program locally in each country. Moreover, as a co-editor of this publication, I am honored for my involvement in this project trying to disseminate the EuropeActive's standards in Greece and Cyprus through this book".