Fitness First Germany becomes the latest EREPS Operator Champion

Fitness First Germany has become the latest employer to sign up to the EREPS Operator Champion Programme launched at the International Standards Meeting in Athens last November. FF Germany runs more than 80 fitness clubs with more than 270.000 members and belongs to the leading fitness & health service providers in Germany. Being a subsidiary company of the British Fitness First Group, the company is part of the worldwide leading fitness chain which consists of more than 380 clubs in 16 countries. 

The EREPS Operator Champion Programme is the latest step in the development of the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS) and represents a recognition that operators as employers of fitness professionals are central to this development.

EREPS is an independent process for the registration of all instructors and trainers working across Europe in the exercise and fitness industry. EREPS assures that fitness professionals have attained credible qualifications and are therefore suitably prepared and able to do their job. This assurance gives employers, consumers and other health care professionals confidence in the skills and quality of the exercise professionals they are employing or engaging with.

By signing up to the EREPS Operator Champion programme FF Germany recognise and support EREPS. They also accept that as EREPS Operator Champions they must fulfil a number of obligations including ensuring that wherever possible their on-site staff are registered with EREPS and that  they actively recruit EREPS registered instructors and trainers. EREPS Operator Champions also commit to displaying the EREPS Champion logo within their clubs and through their various communication channels.

Whether in the public or private sector, employers of all sizes will benefit from employing EREPs registered instructors. A professional and qualified workforce with the knowledge, skills and experience to do the job is at the heart of improved business performance in the fitness sector. As Sascha Linz, the Fitness First Academy Manager said,

“In the fast growing fitness industry a transparent framework for quality standards is obligatory. In my opinion EREPS offers an optimal portfolio to ensure this. We are proud being part of the EREPS Operator Champion programme.” 

Julian Berriman, the Director of the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee who oversee the work of EREPS said,

“I am delighted that FF Germany are supporting the EREPS Operator Champion programme. Working in partnership with employers across the European Fitness Sector is hugely valuable to the work of EuropeActive in ensuring the continued professionalisation of the European fitness sector workforce.’ 

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