FitQuest joins EuropeActive

FitQuest (MiE Medical Research) are specialists in the field of human performance measurement, having developed advanced measurement equipment including human telemetry, EMG, myometry, gait, goniometry, ECG & heart rate variability. This provides the organisation with a unique understanding of human physical performance & it’s measurement.

FitQuest brings full bio-mechanical lab technology to the fitness, health and wellness sector. Using tests developed and recognised by sports scientists, with a comparative database of over 42,000 individuals, FitQuest provides the first self-administered, scientifically robust fitness measurement and full body composition analysis. Our research programmes and product development continue to drive measurement solutions forward for the fitness industry. Our data driven analytics bring new insights to our customers, more success to our users and improved engagement for our clients. 

“We’re extremely pleased to have partnered with EuropeActive to help them to achieve their vision of getting more people, more active, more often across Europe,” said Brian Firth, FitQuest CEO. “With its innovative approach to facilitating partnerships and supporting high quality standards to be adopted across the fitness, physical activity and wellbeing sector we feel this partnership is perfectly aligned with our ambition to become the number one human measurement partner for operators by providing accurate, easy-to-use devices that enable individuals to make informed decisions about their health”