GymPass B.V. becomes member of EuropeActive

GymPass B.V., the worldwide leader in fitness corporate benefit, has become a member of EuropeActive. The company, which helps multinational corporations expand their employee wellbeing initiatives, says the move will help expand its affiliated network of partner gyms in Europe.

"People’s concerns about wellbeing and quality of life are increasing,” says Cesar Carvalho, the CEO of GymPass B.V. “The daily routine, however, ends up bringing more and more time demands on the workforce. Gympass provides easy and affordable access to a network of tens of thousands of gyms worldwide so that employees can exercise and live healthier.”

Based out of the Netherlands, GymPass B.V. provides benefits to all three parts involved: companies, employees and affiliated gyms. Companies provide an inexpensive and valuable benefit to their workforce, providing access to a wide range of sports activities and locations, reducing absenteeism and turnover among other benefits.

Employees, on the other hand, benefit from more flexibility in choosing where, when and how they want to exercise. This empowers them to pursue a healthier life.

The company says the decision to join EuropeActive is driven by the desire to expand its network of partner gyms in Europe. EuropeActive’s executive director, Nathalie Smeeman, says the partnership opens up new opportunities for the Dutch company. “By becoming members with us, GymPass has shown commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately, we share the same vision, so I am certain they will prove to be a dependable partner.”

As a member of EuropeActive, GymPass will receive free access to market reports and policy papers, as well as discounts to some of the most important industry events, including the European Health and Fitness Forum and the Executive Leadership Forum.

The ultimate benefit, Smeeman says, is a chance to connect with other stakeholders in the sector. “EuropeActive acts as a conduit that provides the perfect opportunity for discussion,” she explains. “Our record shows that members of EuropeActive create lasting connections that provide meaningful results. Too often companies face barriers that prevent them from communicating with each other. We help them overcome these obstacles.”

For more information on the services offered by GymPass visit their website.