New research on physical activity levels released


The publication of the 2018 Special Eurobarometer Report on Sport and Physical Activity shows a disappointing, but small decline in overall levels of physical activity when compared to the 2014 Report. In the new Eurobarometer Report fitness remains the largest participation sport across the EU28.

For the past 5 years, EuropeActive and Deloitte have published the annual European Health and Fitness Market Report which has shown annual growth for the fitness sector in each year. Despite continued economic, political and social turbulences, the vast majority of European fitness markets have displayed continued growth in recent years, and with a total market volume of more than EUR 26 billion, Europe continues to be the largest fitness market in the world. The two largest national fitness markets in Europe are the UK and Germany.

In 2017 growth was primarily related to a +3% increase in the number of clubs across all countries in Europe, as well as an increase in the average membership per club leading to a total increase in members to nearly 60 million. EuropeActive has an ambition to support industry growth to reach 80 million members by 2025.

Some the trends identified in recent years are continuing with an increasing influence of technological trends such as wearable devices and connected fitness equipment. There is a shift of fitness activities from the “four walls” of a fitness club towards outdoor offerings and with companies incorporating employee well-being programmes.

The full version of the 2018 European Health and Fitness Market Report will be released at EuropeActive’s European Health and Fitness Forum in Cologne on April 11th.

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EuropeActive, formerly known as the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA), with its origins in 1996 it continues today as operates as a non-profit organisation and the unique voice addressing key European institutions on behalf of the European health and fitness sector. Its mission is not just to turn back the tide of inactivity but to ensure that more people get more active more often as a result of an effective synergy between all the sector’s actors.

EuropeActive represents more than 25,000 fitness centres, 21 national associations, together with market-leading suppliers, education providers and individuals.

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EuropeActive & Deloitte European Health and Fitness Market report presents the most comprehensive analysis of the European health and fitness industry. The report contains the most current information on the main European markets, the major club operators in Europe and their recent merger and acquisition activities, as well as a snapshot of the leading equipment manufacturers worldwide.

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