Policy Breakfast on the health benefits of being physically active

  • EuropeaActive, European Commission, Breakfast, Sport Unit

On Tuesday 4th June 2019, the European Commission’s Sport Unit invited key organisations working on promoting physical activity to talk about the benefits of exercising. After a short introduction of the event and the speakers by Yves Le Lostecque, the head of the sport unit, Dr. Jean-Francois Toussaint gave the keynote presentation on the benefits of physical activity. Dr. Toussaint, who’s a director at the esteemed French institute for sport and performance, emphasised the positive link the between being physically active and longevity.

He also stressed the enormous potential of physical activity in policy areas outside of sport, giving the example of mobility and an active commute, which would be beneficial, not only in health terms, but also in economic and environmental terms. It’s clear that the positive impact of physical activity isn’t limited to only health issues.

During the debate that followed his presentation, it became clear that the participants are in favour of treating the physical activity as a golden thread that connects all different policy areas. EuropeActive is a longstanding proponent of physical activity mainstreaming, and will work with current and future policy makers to achieve this goal.