Tony Davila ‒ Why companies need to innovate to stay ahead of the game

With less than two months left until the 2016 European Health and Fitness Forum, we present one of the expert speakers who discusses why companies need to innovate to stay ahead of the game.

Tony Davila has dedicated his career to creativity and innovation. Throughout his professional life, the Professor of Entrepreneurship and Accounting at the IESE Business School in Barcelona has worked with such famous brands as FC Barcelona, Boca Juniors, UNESCO and WTA, to name a few.

At EHFF 2016, Davila will examine the types of environments most conducive to human creativity and show how this creativity can be translated into measurable corporate success. “In short, I'm going to talk about innovation,” he says. “How do you structure your organisation so that it generates and ultimately shares more ideas.”

“Different companies face different issues,” he continues. “But a common one to a lot of them is that they are very inward-looking. In other words, they don't use all the talent that they have at their disposal to seek out new ideas and to track the latest developments from around the world.”

As a result, the companies lose creative momentum by forcibly executing their existing business models, however rigid and outdated they may be, while ignoring new growth opportunities that appear around them.

Although this is the first time Davila will present his research at EHFF, he recognises the event's strategic importance for the industry. “The Forum is the perfect place to discuss innovation,” he says.

“Health and fitness is a very dynamic sector, with a lot of new ideas floating around. Attending EHFF exposes you to all those new concepts and allows you to rethink the way your company currently operates. It's a real opportunity to bring yourself up to speed in terms of what's going in the industry and to discover new ideas that can help improve your business.”

Learn more about Davila's findings at the European Health and Fitness Forum that will take place in Cologne on 6 April. Register before the end of February to receive a special discount rate.

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