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Rimini Wellness - Personal Trainer Day

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When: Friday, 31st of May 2019

Where: Diotallevi Room (Rimini Expo Centre, Hall South, 1st floor) , Italy

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EuropeActive is pleased to host the new Personal Trainer Day to be held annually during RiminiWellness - the one of the biggest Trade Shows devoted to fitness, well-being, business, sport, physical culture and healthy eating in Southern Europe.

As can be picked up from the title, The Personal Trainer Day will focus on the everyday life of a Personal Trainer: how to maximise your potential? How to build your brand as personal trainer? How to increase your revenues? Which new concepts should enter your training schedule?

Both RiminiWellness and EuropeActive believe in these essential fitness experts, striving every day to make more people more active, more often.

First speakers confirmed

This event’s key note speaker will be Alexis Batrakoulis, winner of the 2018 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Award. Anja Beverwijk, head of Communication at EuropeActive and Francesco Capuani, EuropeActive’s EU Affairs Policy Officer, will be moderating the event.

Other already-confirmed speakers and presenters are:

  • Francesco Bertiato, Wellness Institute (IT)
  • Olga Burkova, World Class Russia (RU)
  • Igor Castiglia, social media influencer (IT)
  • Sander Werring, Polar Netherlands (NL)
  • WIFA, women in fitness association

Registration for this event will open at 20th March.