EuropeActive recently released its Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport (FAIR) project Final Report, which contains the outcomes of three-year research by project partners on two main topics: the review of existing doping prevention interventions and the current practices to reduce the risk of inadvertent doping from sport food and supplements.

The FAIR project also aimed to update the EU 28 2014 factsheet of the Study on Doping Prevention in Recreational Sport. The researches were based on the review of the existing literature definitions and legislations, online survey with different kind of stakeholders and policy makers and eventually interviews.

The Report and the executive summary are available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and German on EuropeActive website together with information about the new EU-funded project on Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport FAIR+.

The Report has been forwarded to more than 50 National Anti-Doping Agencies in the world, International Organisations (e.g. Council of Europe, iNADO, UNESCO, etc…) and National and European policy makers.


Jan 23, 2020 By admin