EuropeActive has been monitoring the development of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the past weeks and the way it is affecting the fitness & physical activity sector. We would like to encourage you to follow the ECDC Interim guidance to help mitigate the impact coronavirus is having Europe-wide.

Best practices for fitness clubs regarding hygiene and cleaning regimes include increasing cold and flu season precautions, communicating the importance of good hand-washing, considering extra hand sanitiser stations and making sure that cleaners prioritise the cleaning of hand-contact surfaces.

FIBO, which has already confirmed its trade show to be held in Cologne from 1st to 4th October 2020, displayed some hygiene tips and recommendations on their website for visitors. At European level, the EU Commission has established the coronavirus response team to provide information on crisis management, health issues and mobility concerns for all EU citizens.

EuropeActive takes health safety as a key priority and deeply encourages all members and stakeholders to follow official institutions’ advice on how to best prevent a possible infection.


Mar 12, 2020 By admin