Every person must face now a new reality and adapt to a different lifestyle by staying home and keeping social distance.  In order to stop the spread of coronavirus, people started to work remotely, exercising in clubs or meeting with family members However, this new situation brought on the surface some good things as well.

The silver lining of Covid-19 life. We see that communities are rising; people are getting self-organised to support their neighbours in need and vulnerable people with their daily needs to survive. Initiatives that aim to create a feeling of support, a safety net for others. This feeling of belonging to a community is invaluable in times of isolation, even if this community is online.

Social media and technology are this time our valuable allies and we know how to use them for our benefit. In many platforms, online classes are starting to be organised, and people gather on Instagram lives to sing together, read books for their kids at home, or of course exercise together.

In case you are a fan of cross-fit, yoga, even ballet or callisthenics, online classes are now available and most of them free, in order to keep people active as it is one of the best ways to keep their physical and mental health in these strange times.  More than ever, people show their solidarity to others, offer their time and services without expecting something back, and this is one of the most positive things we can hold on.

As EuropeActive we encourage people to engage in these communities, join online fitness groups, have skype meetings with their trainers, colleagues, friends to exercise and motivate each other as it is now more than ever important to keep in contact with people and support each other, even if this is through a screen.

Mar 26, 2020 By admin