EuropeActive - #letsbeactive
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Join us for an hour of physical activity across Europe

Saturday 30th May: 5pm CET


in cooperation with ukactive and with the support of the European Commission

At 17.00 CET on Saturday 30th May join the #BEACTIVE HOUR.

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt globally. Lockdowns and restrictions across Europe have put huge strain on everyone’s health and wellbeing. People have felt isolated, detached and levels of physical activity have been falling. But, physical activity has never played a more important role in people’s lives than today and it has the power in boosting people’s mood, reducing concerns and making people feel healthier and happier.

On 30th May at 17.00 CET we will come together to celebrate the role that exercise has played during this crisis. In keeping us entertained, keeping us healthy and keeping us active.

As we begin to move into a new phase, a new normal for our time, we share our commitment for the future: #BEACTIVE HOUR, our commitment to ourselves and those around us.

A number of other #BEACTIVE HOUR ’s are planned throughout the summer, as we create huge moments in time for activity across Europe. We encourage coordinators, partners, community leaders and influencers to play a vital role in spreading the message and helping it reach the broadest audience possible.

The European Commission is also on-board and it is supporting this event.

#BEACTIVE for Wellbeing

#BEACTIVE for Immunity

#BEACTIVE for Resilience

#BEACTIVE for Community


Click the links below to access our free #BEACTIVE HOUR resources including logos, posters and social media graphics.


Partner Promo Videos

3 Steps to  to participate in #BEACTIVE HOUR


Organise an activity centred around physical activity on May 30th at 17.00 CET - it can be any type of activity such as family workouts, a park run, spinathon etc. This can be on your own, or with family, friends, members or clients. 


Use the #BEACTIVE HOUR logo and free marketing / social media materials to promote your event. These are are available in multiple languages from our resources page.


Live stream your event or post pictures and videos on social media making sure to always use the hashtag #BEACTIVE 

Join us to let the world know the importance of being more active, more often.