SafeACTiVE Study: Data collection for second cycle in progress

EuropeActive is pleased to announce that a second cycle of the SafeACTiVE Study is currently being developed with the aim of analysing the levels of COVID-19 transmission risk in fitness clubs and leisure facilities. With more than 115 million visits analysed across 14 European countries, the average transmission rate sat at 1.12 per 100.000 visits, according to the previous SafeACTiVE Study published in December 2020.

Staying active during the holidays

It’s finally the summer (for those of us in the northern hemisphere!), and while that should mean more sun and time spent outside, there will also likely be some record-breaking hot days ahead of us!
For those who are determined to work out no matter the temperature, we’ve put together a few tips for safe workouts and exercise routines:

EuropeActive gears up with its DEI work

EuropeActive's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Group roadmap keeps progressing towards its established milestones re gender-balance and gender equity. The recently elected Board of EuropeActive provides a stronger representation of national associations and gender-balance than ever before, with women holding 60% of the seats and eight countries represented through the different Board members. The Sectoral Charter to be released in November embodies DEI as a mainstream topic of forthcoming publications and events. 

EuropeActive launches #BEACTIVE DAY

On Thursday 20th May, EuropeActive launched its #BEACTIVE DAY campaign with a workshop, unveiling the new marketing campaign to celebrate the fun and importance of exercise and to encourage people to lead an active lifestyle. 
#BEACTIVE DAY is an initiative from the fitness and physical activity sector and represents a collaboration between EuropeActive and its partners, which will be hosting thousands of free events and activities across Europe and beyond on Thursday 23rd September, in the frame of t

EREPS Member and Employer Surveys - April/May 2021 Results

EREPS surveys show the negative impact of Covid-19 but reveal positive and innovative industry adaptations to meet the skills challenges and opportunities of the future.

The results from the latest EREPS member and employer surveys are indicative of the turmoil Covid-19 has created over the last 18 months. Fitness professionals and clubs have been negatively impacted individually and collectively. However, despite these tough times both groups are planning for the future and the opportunities that this will bring.

EuropeActive celebrates the appointment of three EA Ambassadors

EuropeActive (EA) is pleased to announce the appointment of three EuropeActive Ambassadors for the 2021 - 2022 period to represent and promote EuropeActive’s sectoral vision, as defined in its Horizon 2025 Manifesto. The three Ambassadors will also assist the European trade association in its support for the European fitness and physical activity sector during its reopening, recovery and renewal post-Covid19.

EuropeActive launched its new President’s Council for Suppliers, Digital & Tech

On Wednesday, 14th April, EuropeActive officially launched and hosted the inaugural meeting of its new President’s Council for Suppliers, Digital & Tech (PCSDT). The Council is an important initiative under the European trade association’s strategic plan for 2020 - 2021. The main purpose of the PCSDT is to inform and strengthen EuropeActive’s strategic decision-making and support for our sector's reopening, recovery and renewal during and beyond Covid-19.

Training Provider Forum 2021 - Implementing an effective online assessment for fitness professionals

EuropeActive hosted on Thursday, 8th April its online Training Provider Forum (TPF) to actively discuss the implementation of assessments by EuropeActive accredited training providers in relation to EuropeActive’s main educational standards. Speakers and panellists shared their knowledge, expertise and insights under the theme of ‘Effective Learner Assessment’ with the aim of raising the standards of training provision and exercise professionals across Europe.