Polish Associations come together to cooperate with EuropeActive

A major new agreement on national representation has been signed between the three main fitness organisations in Poland. The Polish Fitness Federation (PFF), Fitness Employer’s Federation (FPF) and Polish Association of Personal Trainers (PZTP) have come together in an historic union to cooperate in representing the Polish fitness industry and have already been recognised as National Association partner of EuropeActive.

EuropeActive's EU Affairs team actively engaged with numerous activities

The EuropeActive EU Affairs team has attended several online events in the last few weeks on relevant topics covering Skills and Education and Health Enhancing Physical Activity policy areas. From the CEN 136 WG2 Fitness Centres meeting earlier this month, moving into the EU Commission Sport Unit Policy Breakfast, and ending up with the Expert Group on Skills and Human Resources guidelines, EuropeActive has activity promoted the great work that has been done so far during these challenging times.

EuropeActive unveils its medium-term objectives and future plans

EuropeActive, Europe’s most influential not-for profit organisation representing the whole of the European fitness and physical activity sector, discussed its mid-term goals, Covid-19 initiatives and long-term aspirations at today’s webinar where media partners had the chance to pose questions to the Executive Team.

#BEACTIVE HOUR - Be ready for Saturday 30th!

Everything is ready for Saturday 30th May at 17.00 CET to celebrate the greatest Hour of simultaneous physical activity across Europe. #BEACTIVE HOUR partners FIBO, GOfit, Les Mills, Life Fitness, Matrix, Myzone and Technogym will be organising their own fitness activities which will be broadcasted on their respective social media channels.

Join us for the new #BeActive Hour!

EuropeActive invites everyone to join the #BeActive hour on Saturday 30th May at 5pm (CET), to collectively celebrate physical activity across Europe. The Hour is for everyone, regardless of age, background, or fitness level.

The silver lining of Covid-19 new life

Every person must face now a new reality and adapt to a different lifestyle by staying home and keeping social distance.  In order to stop the spread of coronavirus, people started to work remotely, exercising in clubs or meeting with family members However, this new situation brought on the surface some good things as well.

Guidance & best practices for coronavirus situation

EuropeActive has been monitoring the development of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the past weeks and the way it is affecting the fitness & physical activity sector. We would like to encourage you to follow the ECDC Interim guidance to help mitigate the impact coronavirus is having Europe-wide.