An Exercise in Mental Health

While the pandemic may be largely behind us, its negative impact on mental health has had lasting effects. That’s why Matrix is doing more than ever to support mental health in the fitness industry. From our partnership with the MH1 movement to educational webinars and beyond, we’re committed to helping fitness professionals become the mental health experts of their facilities.

Europe’s ongoing inflation problems means decision-makers need good data more than ever

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We have just come through one of the most difficult winters, where the cost of energy and persistent inflation has placed pressure on an industry which was still only just recovering from the closures and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
It’s troubling to see that some sport and fitness sites have had to close or restrict their opening times during this difficul

L'Orange bleue and the success story of YAKO© classes

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It is not a secret that, since COVID crisis, all of our personal issues have been disrupted. People have changed their habits at work, at home and for their activities; the fitness industry is not spared. Hobbies and personal moments have been getting even more important, regardless of age, personal situation or profession.

BEYOND RESILIENCE - pushing ourselves out of the comfort zone

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What do the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs have in common? They were all born as novices once! Experience and deliberate practice are highly different because during deliberate practice you actively push BEYOND your current abilities.

FIBO 2023: Health prevention moves further into focus

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 500 million people will suffer from the consequences of physical inactivity by 2030. The WHO recommendation: Adults should be physically active for at least 150 minutes per week. The experts assign the fitness industry a key role in this. FIBO accepts this mission and is substantially advancing the trend of health-oriented fitness training with new initiatives and formats.

Club Operator Member in the Spotlight: GO fit

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The Spanish are coming! To the Presidency of the EU Council that is. In July of this year, Spain will assume the Presidency of the European Union Council. The policy agenda that it will bring is being led by a Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, who will face a domestic general election later in the same year.

Let’s Move For a Better World 2023: join the social cause campaign

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Technogym, the world leading brand in fitness, wellness, sports and health, announces Let’s Move for a Better World Challenge 2023, a new edition of the global social campaign created to inspire people and promote healthy lifestyles.
The mission of Let’s Move for a Better World

Club Operator Member in the Spotlight: Basic Fit

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Sport is still essential  
Especially post-pandemic, we are seeing a rising awareness in society and government when it comes to health. Health and well-being are trending topics that need to be further explored and made accessible to the broad public.