Training Provider Forum 2022

EuropeActive held its third live Training Provider Forum event on Thursday, 7th April during FIBO 2022 in Cologne, Germany. The event was entitled 'Accreditation post-pandemic – taking a balanced view' and was set up as an open forum for the exchange of thoughts and ideas around on-going accreditation policies.

ISM 2021: Professionalising and upskilling the sector through Standards

On Friday 5th November, EuropeActive hosted virtually the 12th annual International Standards Meeting (ISM), the European flagship event for training providers, employers, practitioners and other key stakeholders involved in training and education. Under the theme ‘Transforming the fitness industry through Standards’ speakers and panelists explored how upskilling our industry's workforce and the use of digital technology can significantly impact the evolution and growth of the fitness and physical activity sector.

European Fitness Club Certification Scheme

Based on the European standards for fitness club operation and management – EN 17229 – a certification scheme is being developed with the financial and technical support of EuropeActive. Parts 1 and 2 of EN17229 will be fully operational by the summer, and will form the basis of an independent conformity assessment process being set-up by the Dutch National Standards Organisation NEN.

Training Provider Forum 2021 - Implementing an effective online assessment for fitness professionals

EuropeActive hosted on Thursday, 8th April its online Training Provider Forum (TPF) to actively discuss the implementation of assessments by EuropeActive accredited training providers in relation to EuropeActive’s main educational standards. Speakers and panellists shared their knowledge, expertise and insights under the theme of ‘Effective Learner Assessment’ with the aim of raising the standards of training provision and exercise professionals across Europe.

The importance of standards for elevating the fitness and physical activity sector

On Tuesday March 9th, EuropeActive hosted a session on the importance of standards for the further development of the fitness and physical activity sector as part of Club Industry's Future of Fitness conference.  
A key point raised during the debate was the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic, which disproportionally affected people with chronic lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, has made it painfully clear how importa