EuropeActive’s Personal Training Research 2017 – initial results –

  • Level of happiness

EuropeActive’s Personal Training Research 2017 – initial results –

EuropeActive has together with Edelhelfer completed research amongst Personal Trainers across Europe. Over 4,000 fitness professionals have participated in the survey. For the first time, numbers of fitness professionals and other defining characteristics will be available to everyone. We would like to share a short abstract of the initial results of this research as presented during EuropeActive’s International Standards Meeting 2017. The final report will be presented during EuropeActive’s European Health & Fitness Forum 2018.


Distribution of gender

The distribution of female and male Personal Trainers differs significantly between the individual countries. While in Finland over 50% of the Personal Trainers are female, this is only around 20% in Italy. With the exception of Finland and Norway, in general the majority of Personal Trainers are male.

Level of happiness

Personal Trainers in Europe seem to be happy with their job. The Swiss people seem to be the happiest amongst all Personal Trainers with 55,6% being very satisfied. Also in the other European countries, Personal Trainers seem to be satisfied with their job. Only a very limited amount of people across all countries said that they are not (at all) satisfied.

Reasons for satisfaction

There are at least three major reasons that contribute to the level of happiness amongst Personal Trainers. The first and most influential reason for satisfaction of Personal Trainers is the possibility to help people. Other reasons include the fun of working in the field of sports and the potential for development. Least satisfying for Personal Trainers is the administrative work.

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