EHFA is evolving

The European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA) is pleased to announce its new name: EuropeActive.  This change is part of a larger rebranding effort, meant to expand its field of expertise by covering more of the fitness, physical activity and well-being sector and positioning EuropeActive as the independent European umbrella organisation for the sector.

"We aim to develop a strong brand based on a membership strategy to strengthen the position of the industry and to promote the importance of the role fitness can play in health-enhancing activity." said Executive Director, Nathalie Smeeman.

EHFA (the European Health and Fitness Association) was founded in 1996 as a not-for-profit organisation to represent the interests of the European health and fitness sector at the EU level.  For more than 10 years, it has been there to voice the interests of the sector and to protect it from unwarranted legislation. With an office and staff in Brussels since 2007, EHFA has been recognised as the official representative body for the sector.

EHFA is also a standards setting body and promotes best practices in instruc­tion and training in order to help battle the inactivity and obesity challenges spreading across Europe.  EHFA has, among its membership, more than 10,000 facilities, 19 national trade associa­tions, industry leading suppliers, education providers and individuals.

Undergoing a process of rebranding that will bring the organisation closer to its target, EHFA is expanding the boundaries of the “health and fitness” terms, to allow it to embrace a whole range of new possibilities available in the world of movement, healthy nutrition, general well-being and all of the other components of an active life.

EuropeActive will focus on developing a valued experience for its members, providing them with a comprehensive knowledge sharing platform and ensuring cooperation with partner institutions to achieve the objective of influencing people to pursue healthy and balanced lifestyles.

Keeping the background and system of standards and qualifications, EuropeActive will continue its mission to decrease the levels of over-weight, obesity, and inactivity that unavoidably result from the current social trends which reduce the levels of physical movement.

EuropeActive remains as the unique voice for the European fitness sector to all of the main EU Institutions and civil society organisations, in its mission to turn back the tide of inactivity and ensure that MORE PEOPLE become MORE ACTIVE, MORE OFTEN as a result of a functional synergy between all of the sector’s actors.