"EHFF was a gigantic success," writes fitness industry expert

Björn Johansson from GymBusiness.se in Helsingborg, Sweden, wrote recently on the "great success" of the European Health and Fitness Forum 2016.

Johansson, who's a Swedish expert on brand management and fitness industry, writes that he's very impressed with EHFF, which was held by EuropeActive as the opening event of the FIBO trade show in April. He notes the increased turnout and shares some of the highlights of EHFF that he found most interesting.

“Innovation will provide the industry with the tools to increase communication and motivate more people to be more active, more often,” writes Johansson. “This also means that the fitness sector will create new jobs. As an industry, however, we need to ensure that we bring more expertise into our operations to fully meet the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.”

Johansson says innovation is a big word that can mean a lot of things. “EHFF discussed the issue in many broad perspectives,” he writes, sharing a few important steps he learned at the event on how to bring innovative methods to your company.

He also notes the changing ways in which businesses acquire new customers. For some companies, traffic from mobile devices has increased three-folds in the past few years, he says. “Most attendees agreed that the cell phone is an extremely important tool that can be used to better serve our customers.”

Read more at GymBusiness.se (in Swedish).