ELAV Receives Level 5 Accreditation at Global Conference

  • ELAV Level 5 Accreditation

On the 18th of June Julian Berriman, Director of EuropeActive’s Professional Standards Committee, spoke on the importance of common educational standards across Europe at the ELAV Global Meeting near Arezzo, Italy. ELAV have been an accredited training provider of EuropeActive since 2013 and have recently also received accreditation for the Level 5 Exercise for Health and Weight Management Exercise Specialist programmes. Mr. Berriman brought the official certifications for these L5 programmes along with him to present this to ELAV’s President, Mr. Enrico Guerra.

The Director spoke about the EuropeActive standards in providing the template for the professionalization of the health and fitness workforce across Europe. “This qualified, competent and respected workforce plays a key role in meeting EuropeActive's mission of getting more people, more active more often. In this context EuropeActive have set themselves the target of increasing the number of members of health and fitness centres from the current 50 million to 80 million members by 2025,” Mr. Berriman said to the 100 conference guests.

The EA standards are fully referenced to the European Qualifications framework and range from levels 2 to 6. They are based on the identification of learning outcomes designed around occupational roles within the health and fitness industry, but also form the basis for the ESCO classification of the health and fitness sector at a European level. They continue to provide those exercise professional recognised against these standards with the stamp of quality that will gain them the recognition and respect they require from consumers, employers and the medical professions in order to grow and prosper in their chosen profession. Once recognised against these standards professionals are eligible to join the European Register of Exercise Professionals www.ereps.eu.com

Mr. Berriman was delighted to have the opportunity to speak at the Conference and to support ELAV as a highly respected training provider. He took the opportunity to present their President, Mr. Enrico Guerra with their certifications in relation to the accreditation of their Level 5 programmes against the EuropeActive standards. This level of accreditation is highly prized by providers across Europe and marks ELAV out as a training provider of distinction and quality. Mr. Guerra commented: “We are very proud of this additional recognition. ELAV has believed in EuropeActive and its goals from the start and we will keep on supporting this organisation.

Julian Berriman presents EuropeActive Standards to delegates