EU-funded projects on track for next year!

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After informing that all three projects submitted to the European Union by EuropeActive in 2019 are officially funded, it is time now to start working on them. National Fitness Day for Europe, Fitness on the Move and Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport+ (FAIR+) underpin the key policy areas for EuropeActive in promoting and protecting the fitness sector, whilst also developing international cooperation.

“We are so excited to start next year with three new Erasmus+ projects. Our partners are as well very happy that we can continue our work with the second round of the FAIR project to create awareness for the challenges surrounding food supplements. With the “Fitness on the Move” project, we will realise a learning mobility for European and Indian fitness professionals. Both the EU and India are rich in culture and languages and it will be a great experience to see the different approach towards promoting physical activity”, said Elisabeth Thienemann, EuropeActive Policy Officer.

National Fitness Day for Europe project is co-funded by the European Commission starting in January 2020 with the aim of promoting the European Week of Sport throughout Europe and beyond. NFD for Europe – also promoting our main marketing through #LetsBEACTIVE - will bring together EU and non-EU countries as well as any interested parties and other sport-based organisations to promote EU values through fitness and sport. The project extends outside of the Union to cooperate with countries in the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans.

Forum for Anti-Doping in Recreational Sport+ (FAIR+) continues the work of the existing FAIR project reviews the existing interventions on doping in recreational sport and food/supplements for sportspeople and represents an opportunity to develop a Europe-wide network to assess good practices and develop new methods with the help of renowned experts in the field of doping like Anti-Doping Authorities, Universities and Research centres. The FAIR+ project also proposes the first pan-Europe study of doping practices in recreational sport.

The Fitness on the Move project seeks to establish a regular exchange scheme between EU and Indian fitness professionals and stakeholders to exchange knowledge, ideas and good practices to promote healthy lifestyles and to improve business opportunities, professional and educational skills and in so doing raise the employability levels and work-mobility in the sector between the European and Indian fitness stakeholders. It also offers the possibility of political cooperation around national schemes to promote regular physical activity such as the European Week of Sport and India Fit campaigns.