EuropeActive and Deloitte publish new official European Health & Fitness Market Report

...European fitness club memberships grow by 9% to 50.1 million in 2014
...Top 30 operators in 2014 account for 20 % of members
...Top 10 European operators increase revenues by 3% to 2.8 billion Euro

The fitness penetration in Europe continued to grow strongly in 2014.

This is one of the main findings of the new comprehensive European Health & Fitness Market Report published by EuropeActive and Deloitte.

According to the study, there were 50.1 million members in European health and fitness clubs at the end of 2014, an increase of 9% compared to the previous year.

More than 20% of all fitness club members belong to one of the 30 leading operators, which have a total of 10.2 million members (+10.6%).

In terms of revenues, the top 10 European fitness club operators continued their growth as well, increasing their overall revenues by 3% to 2.8 billion euro in 2014.

They account for 10.4% of the European market, which grew by 4% to more than 26.8 billion euro in 2014.

Karsten Hollasch, Deloitte partner and Head of the German Deloitte Sports Business Group, stated: “The higher membership growth compared to total revenues underlines the ongoing market trend to broaden the fitness offering also in terms of discount fitness. For me this is clearly a sign that the markets mature and have proven to adapt to the variety of the demand of the members”.

Besides key numbers and detailed profiles of the leading European fitness club operators, the European Health & Fitness Market Report also includes profiles of the 18 largest national markets, in-depth analyses on merger and acquisition activities, EU policy implications and the global equipment market analyses, as well as interviews with selected market experts and leaders.

The main findings of the study will be presented by Karsten Hollasch on the 8th of April during the European Health & Fitness Forum at the FIBO in Cologne.

Herman Rutgers, EuropeActive Board member commented; “Last year we announced as our industry goal to achieve 80 Million members in health & fitness clubs in the European region by 2025. With the growth in 2014 we are well on the way to reaching that goal and it shows the increased consumers’ enthousiasm for our industry’s products and services”


EuropeActive mandated Deloitte initially in 2012 to improve the availability of reliable and sound European health and fitness market data. The first comprehensive portrait of the top operators and the major mergers and acquisitions was published in April 2013 with the European Health and Fitness Operators Report, which was updated in September 2013.

The first EuropeActive/Deloitte European Health & Fitness Market Report (EHFMR) was published in April 2014 as the third publication by EuropeActive and Deloitte and the first authoritative, comprehensive report with European market data.

For the new European Health & Fitness Market Report, which is the 4th joint publication, the research team has been expanded to cover an even larger number of leading operators, national markets and topics than last year. As the most comprehensive report on the European market, the European Health & Fitness Market Report will serve as a valuable source of information for all industry stakeholders.

The full report is available for 195 euro from our