EuropeActive and FIBO will go to Africa!

The world’s leading international event for fitness, wellness & health, FIBO, comes to South Africa to host the 1st FIBO Business Summit Africa.

FIBO Business Summit Africa is a unique event, with the goal of bringing stakeholders together to share expert knowledge in order to help the African health & fitness market to grow through new ideas to widen our market.

FIBO Business Summit Africa will provide you with direct insight into;

  • Building and retaining a customer base
  • Understanding of the global and African health and fitness trends and how you can implement them to grow your business
  • Digital technology and what this means for the sector
  • Innovation as a key to success

This 2-day high-level conference powered by EuropeActive, along with the accompanying exhibition, is aimed at decision makers across the fitness, wellness and health sector.

Member retention

The theme for this year’s FIBO Business Summit Africa is 'member retention’. The retention of members is one of the biggest challenges facing gyms and fitness trainers across the world. Lack of time, low-priced competition or personal issues can all impact on member retention and in many cases, it is hard to identify which members are likely to be vulnerable to leaving.

As consumers are changing the way they engage with almost every aspect of their lives – online shopping, social media and the desire for more personalized interactions – it’s not surprising that there will be an impact on their engagement with their gym and personal trainer.

According to Nick Caro, president of New York-based health club consultancy Management Vision: "One of our challenges is a lack of information — understanding who our fragile members are, which ones are most likely to leave based on various data or insight that we can now gain through more sophisticated tools. Assuming we know who they are, we then need a plan for interacting with them and getting them to either re-engage with the club or get them committed to additional activities.”

 Strategies for retaining members;

  • Missing in action – if a member of your gym has been absent for a specific amount of time – the industry standard seems to be 21 days – do you have a follow up and engagement strategy for them?
  • Keeping the excitement going – what strategies do you have in place to keep your offering exciting and appealing. Do you offer a variety of classes, along with boot camps and individual training options? Is there sufficient personal engagement with your members?
  • Exceptional client service – do you know the names of your clients and is your ‘front of house’ team trained to engage with your clients?
  • Communication – do you make the most of the various social media channels to keep your clients up to date, inform them of new programmes or changes to schedules?
  • Have you differentiated yourself from everyone else? Do you have a client loyalty programme or a programme of classes that is unlike anyone else’s?

Confirmed speakers include:

                        Herman Rutgers                                                              Dr. Jan Middelkamp

Herman Rutgers, EuropeActive board member                  Dr. Jan Middelkamp, HDD Netherlands

                      Marcel Looze                                                             Hans Peter Franklin

Marcel Looze, International Ski Federation                    Hans Peter Franklin, FITLane Fitness Centres


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