EuropeActive and Saipu Fitness Institute are implementing fitness standards across borders

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Today marks the start of FIBO China 2019 held in Shanghai, with the event ending on Saturday 24th August. With our ambition to implement our fitness education standards beyond borders, reinforcing our cooperation with Beijing Saipu Fitness Institute, the largest fitness training provider in China, is definitely one of its outcomes. Saipu’s facilities were recently visited by EuropeActive and EREPS External Verifier Peter Davies to confirm the excellent work they are doing so far.

During FIBO China, EuropeActive’s board member Herman Rutgers will be giving a presentation to mark the fact that Saipu is now a member of EuropeActive’s group of accredited training providers. Tomorrow he will personally hand over the certificate of accreditation to Lin Huaishen, founder of the Beijing Saipu Fitness Institute.

Big name in China
This new EuropeActive accredited training provider has five campuses - three in Beijing, one in Shanghai and one in Shenzhen- the total area is over 200,000 square meters. Since 2014, more than 90,000 students have been certified at Saipu, therefore becoming a reference for China's professional fitness trainers and a key innovative base for vocational education.

Field research by verification team
Earlier this year EuropeActive’s External Verifier Peter Davies came to Beijing for a two-day field research and to comprehensively investigate the educational mechanism, campus environment and teaching equipment of Saipu, the only training institute in China that is certified by EuropeActive. Students graduated and obtained the CPT certification from Saipu can register on their own as EQF L4 (European Quality Framework Level 4) Personal Trainer.

After the visit Lin Huaishen commented: “EuropeActive has unique strengths of physical training in Europe and we’re looking forward to working with EuropeActive in the future. Through the deep exploration of fitness knowledge platform and trainer’s lifelong education, Saipu is supposed to lead the way in international industry-institute-research-practice cooperation”.

EuropeActive and Saipu will make full use of each other's advantages in order to promote the establishment of fitness industry with high quality standards and the development of physical training.