EuropeActive attended the 2-day European Week of Sport key players' seminar

On 10 and 11 May, EuropeActive and other House of Sport Partners attended the 2-day seminar on the European Week of Sport (EWoS) in Dublin. The European Commission sport unit, EU partners and national coordinators strengthened their collaboration in the pursuit of getting more people more active during the EWoS.

The first day involved mostly teambuilding activities to get to know everyone and break the ice. This proved very useful as the EWoS is growing and there were a lot of new partner organisations and faces. All attendees participated in activities such as archery, orienteering and fun team assignments. The winning team (Team #WeActive) received a nice price during the dinner back in the hotel. 


The second day was all about the seminar including a plenary meeting on the developments of the EWoS that showcased the first draft of the mascotte and the new website! It also formed as a platfrom for a fruitful discussion on the overall communications of the EWoS. What works best: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? What content works? Social media specialists discussed how to motivate more people to #BeActive.


EU Partners and National coordinators met during networking sessions to meet and understand what opportunities there are for the EWoS 2017. EuropeActive received a lot of positive feedback and will work with many of the national coordinators to get as many people, more active, more often.


Stay tuned for the EuropeActive events during the 2017 European Week of Sport!


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