EuropeActive attended the 5th Sport Unit breakfast

  • EuropeActive, Policy breakfast, Sport Unit

On Tuesday November 19th, EuropeActive participated in another policy breakfast organised by the European Commission’s Sport Unit. The session centred around the efforts of municipalities to promote sport and physical activity and was chaired by Yves Le Lostecque, head of the Sport Unit.

After a short introduction, Mr André de Jeu, President of the Association of Sport and Municipalities in the Netherlands, took the floor to present the work they are doing to promote sport and health enhancing physical activity. He emphasised that the best time to invest in promoting physical activity is now, as the current and predicted expenditures linked to unhealthy lifestyles, including the lack of physical activity, are unsustainable. Mr Laurent Thieule, President of Sport and Citizenship, build on Mr de Jeu’s message and stressed the crucial role that municipalities are playing in promoting physical activity by providing opportunities for and engaging with their citizens.

EuropeActive strongly supports the message that now is the time to invest in promoting physical activity and help make physical activity part of every Europeans daily life. The #Let’sBEACTIVE campaign and project are good examples of how the physical activity sector is working to have a positive impact on peoples health and wellbeing.