EuropeActive looks forward to engaging with stakeholders for its strategic review

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In the coming weeks, EuropeActive will reach out to a wide range of stakeholders in the European physical activity sector as part of the strategic review that is taking place. The consultations will help EuropeActive to find the right way forward.

By listening to the concerns and the expectations for the future of the people that are closely involved in providing the wide range of services and products linked to physical activity in Europe, EuropeActive can identify how to best represent the sector and create a vision for the future. 

One of the core values as the European industry association for fitness, exercise and physical activity is the name EuropeActive.

Europe defines where we come from, and essentially who we are. Our commitment to European values as democracy, citizenship, diversity, transparency, science and innovation are central in order to build the new strategy.

Active defines our sector, working to make fitness, exercise and health-enhancing physical accessible to and achievable for as many people as possible, being very much aligned with our motto of getting more people, more active, more often.

Further information on EuropeActive's strategic review will be unveiled soon.