EuropeActive preps for the European Week of Sport 2016

The second European Week of Sport will take place in September, with more than 30 countries getting in on the action. The countdown has already begun, but if you'd you like to organise an event in your own country or join in as a participant, don't worry, it's not too late. EuropeActive is here to tell you more about the changes coming this year and about how you can get involved.

On Thursday, 4 February, European Week of Sport Advisory Board members met in Brussels to evaluate the first year of EWoS and to identify key areas on which to focus on to ensure that this year's event is even better. At the meeting, EuropeActive proposed several ideas that were taken into consideration.

Building on the impressive success of the first year, the concept and the main objective will remain the same – to promote participation in physical activity and sport through events taking place across Europe – but there are certainly lessons to be learned from 2015.

Opening the meeting, Policy Officer Florence Mondin said EWoS 2015 surpassed the expectations of the European Commission. “In overall terms, it was a great success and we should build upon this experience to make 2016 even better.”

The main campaign elements established in 2015, including key messaging and visual branding, will stay. The popular #beactive hashtag is also going to be used again on Facebook and Twitter, bringing exposure to EWoS, but also connecting the national coordinators, businesses, and private individuals.


The biggest change will come with the decentralisation of EWoS events. Member countries will be given even greater flexibility in organising their own Weeks. Mondin said there will be “stronger focus on communication in national languages through the development of national websites. This should be our ultimate aim.”

National coordinators have already began preparing their own programmes, but they haven't put out any specific agendas. This means there is still time for interested parties to get involved by contacting organisers in their own countries.

As one of the board members, EuropeActive proposed several ideas throughout the meeting, including greater involvement of citizen ambassadors and more effective social media campaigning. “Last year’s videos only reached 6,000 views,” said Adam Miklos, EuropeActive’s digital media manager. “We should learn from this and make sure that this time around, we reach a bigger audience."

Last year, as part of EWoS, EuropeActive launched a highly successful pilot project called ALCIS that encourages children to reflect about different lifestyle choices in relation to physical activity, stress management and overall wellbeing. Nearly 8.000 pupils from five countries participated in physical activities organised by their teachers and fitness trainers.

Following on the success of the programme and the excellent feedback we received from the children and their tutors, EuropeActive has applied for the second round of Erasmus+ funding and hopes to organise ALCIS again as part of this year's EWoS.

Here at EuropeActive, we remain committed to the cause of the European Week of Sport and the promotion of physical activity and sport across Europe.


Take part

You can register your own event or join in as a participant by going to the European Week of Sport’s official website here.