EuropeActive in the press

Here is a look at some of the latest articles from across Europe that reference EuropeActive's expertise on the fitness industry.

“EHFF and FIBO were a gigantic success”

Fitness industry expert Björn Johansson from in Helsingborg, Sweden, wrote recently on the "great success" of the European Health and Fitness Forum 2016.

“The fitness industry in Spain stagnates at 2.130 million”

Palco23, an online journal from Spain, references the latest fitness market report released by EuropeActive and Deloitte in the article “The fitness industry in Spain stagnates at 2.130 million” (in Spanish). Despite a slight decline in the country’s fitness market value compared to 2014, writes the journal, Spain remains the fifth largest market in Europe.

“Fibo 2016 exceeds 150,000 visitors”

Another Spanish-language online portal, the CMD Sport, writes about the high turn-out at the FIBO trade show in Cologne, of which EuropeActive was one of the main partners. The website quotes the president of EuropeActive, Hermand Rutgers, who reported that the European fitness sector had grown by 4.9% in the last year, reaching 26.7 billion euros in sales.

“Billions in the muscles”

Several major news outlets in Poland covered the release of the latest fitness market report by EuropeActive. Puls Biznesu wrote, referencing the report, that 2.77 million Poles attended fitness clubs in Poland last year, leaving 3.65 billion zlotys in the gyms’ coffers. Referring to the fitness report, the magazine also said that there is potential for even higher growth in the Polish market.

The same article was re-published in Gazeta Wyborcza, the country’s largest daily newspaper.

“Fitness for everyone? The market is growing, but so are Poles’ expectations”

Przegląd Sportowy (Sports Review), the most-widely read Polish sports daily, wrote recently about the growth of the country’s fitness sector, referring to the fitness market report published by EuropeActive. The newspaper noted that the Polish industry is one of the fastest growing on the continent, with a lot of potential for further expansion.

“The Polish fitness industry is still seeking optimal performance”, a Polish-language website covering business-related news, wrote that fitness clubs continue to gain in popularity all across Europe. According to the latest report by EuropeActive, writes the portal, there is a correlation between the country’s growing GDP and the increasing number of fitness club members.