EuropeActive are looking for a Communications & Social Media Intern

The Position:

Internship at EuropeActive working from our Brussels office to support the Executive Director for a period of six months. The position will start 1st August 2016.

Main Duties:

  • Execution of the EuropeActive communication & social media plan
  • Coordination and production of content for publications (digital newsletter, press releases, etc.)
  • Coordination and production of monthly articles for magazines of health & fitness industry
  • Drafting a weekly/monthly blog
  • Monthly production of an event calendar and activity report
  • Drafting speeches for President and Executive Director
  • Communicate implications and findings to our network of members and stakeholders through our websites, newsletters and social media,
  • Creation of brochures and event leaflets
  • Assist in the organisation of, and attend at, our events and conferences
  • Improvement of the perception of EuropeActive amongst its members (creating value experience)
  • Check Social Media messages and respond to them accordingly
  • Create unique content and post daily social media messages (FB, twitter, Linkedin)
  • Define strategies to build & enhance the follower base and to develop channels that strengthen engagement
  • Create, recognize, find, and share valuable content with the community that follows the “editorial” line proposed by the strategy
  • Design visual content
  • Monitor trends in social media to stay updated across different platforms
  • Measure and monitor engagement levels of fans/followers (basic indicators such as likes, clicks, reach, participation, number of comments)
  • Analysis of social media management
  • Find latest industry information to share online and follow all the aligned organisations


This is a paid internship and full details of remuneration will be discussed at the interview stage.

Application Process

The deadline for applications is 30th June 2016
Candidates should submit by email a covering letter detailing what they could bring to the position and to EuropeActive supported by a full resume.

Interviews will be conducted in July
Please note, due to the volume of applications normally received we will only contact those candidates we wish to interview.

The role will commence 1st August 2016

Applications for the position should be made to The Secretariat,