EuropeActive welcomes its new member – Lithuanian Sports and Fitness Clubs Association (LSKA)

EuropeActive (formerly the European Health & Fitness Association) is glad to announce that the Lithuanian Sports and Fitness Clubs Association (LSKA) has fulfilled all requirements to join our international community of fitness organisations and professionals. Based on the latest research and our experience working with other National Associations, the partnership is expected to stimulate important changes within the Lithuanian fitness sector

“Our association is still very young compared to many other EuropeActive members – associations of other European Union countries – which have been around for many years. During this time they have all passed the stages that await us both as an association and as a sector achieving amazing results. This is certainly the case in Scandinavia where around 18-20 percent of the population are regularly participating in sports and fitness activities, where we have only a few percent. We hope to adopt best practice and the best way to do this is to learn them from these other associations“, - says Aurimas Maciukas, the president of LSKA

Lithuania, as a new member, is welcomed by the EuropeActive Executive Director, Nathalie Smeeman: “Our association aims to ensure that more Europeans become supporters of an active lifestyle and more time, attention and effort is given to physical activity. We are proud that our geographical coverage is expanding and we now have Lithuania as a fully integrated member of our family. We will assist in implementing quality standards to the professional activity of instructors, as well as sharing our experience and knowledge at a national level. Decisions made at state level and involving public awareness can help to improve the overall quality of life and reduce costs associated to health assistance”.

The next step for LSKA is to arrange a public survey and conduct reliable and sound research about Lithuanian fitness sector that will shed light on the real situation in the country. “Only in having accurate and reliable data will we be able to compare our situation with the rest of the EU and identify the most urgent priorities”, says Aurimas

About LSKA

Created in 2013, The Lithuanian Sports and Fitness Clubs Association (LSKA) now joins together 20 clubs. Among the main objectives of the Association - is increasing of physical activity and promoting of public health ideas, as well as the introduction of qualification standards for the coaches and wellness programs in Lithuanian Sports and Fitness Clubs.