EuropeActive's International Standards Meeting (ISM)

EuropeActive's International Standards Meeting (ISM): Training Providers and Employers across Europe to focus on Lifelong Learning Programme 

EuropeActive is organising the International Standards Meeting (ISM), the annual meeting of training providers and employers across Europe. The Meeting will be held at the Forum Roma Sport Center in Rome, Italy from 23-24 November 2017.

The annual International Standards Meeting has already become the most relevant occasion for cooperation in the worldwide fitness sector with an agreed global approach to improve education, recognition and social impact of exercise professionals and the fitness sector worldwide. This event brings together key stakeholders from the fitness industry including employers, training providers, suppliers, national associations and the representatives of national registers of exercise professionals from across Europe and around the globe for lively debate in an open and inspirational environment.

This is a unique opportunity to meet with a selected team of experts in an open and inspirational environment to discuss strategies on how to communicate and implement the standards and to ensure the European health & fitness sector remains at the cutting edge of professional development.

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