The European Commission presents the state of health in the EU 2019

  • EuropeActive, EU Health, Health Profiles, Prevention

As one of his final actions as European Commissioner, outgoing Commissioner Andriukaitis responsible for health, presented the state of health in the EU 2019. Country Health Profiles on health systems in 30 countries were published on November 28th, together with a Companion Report summarizing trends and transformations.

One of the issues with the European health system is the lack of attention and funding for preventive measures. The fact sheets demonstrate that this is a changing trend. Commissioner Andriukaitis has pushed for more prevention throughout his term and said, “I am particularly glad that health promotion and disease prevention are finally getting the attention they need”. Mr Andriukatis’ successor as Health Commissioner, Ms Kyriakides, has clearly indicated that she’ll continue to make health promotion and disease prevention a priority for the new European Commission as well.

EuropeActive strongly supports these efforts as focussing and investing more in prevention will be instrumental in keeping Health budgets sustainable to Europeans suffering from preventable diseases. A key element of the health promotion and disease prevention is the promotion of physical activity. With inactivity levels reaching unprecedented levels in Europe, EuropeActive calls on the new Commission to build on the work of the previous Commission, such as the ‘Tartu Call’ and ramp up the cross-sectoral efforts to promote healthy lifestyles through physical activity.