European Committee for Standardisation for Fitness Centres

  • CEN Standards

The 8th meeting of the Working Group (CEN/TC 136/WG 2) for developing standards for fitness centres took place in Berlin last week. 10 European countries were represented plus EuropeActive, as the set of proposals were analysed in detail. Because of the large number of experts involved there will now be a 9 month extension to the development of the standards, with an expected final version prepared by October 2017. The standards will cover all aspects of the running of fitness centres, including topics of client contracts, emergency procedures, environmental conditions, hygiene and safety standards, levels of supervision, and qualifications of fitness staff.

The latest meeting which involved intensive discussions lasted 2 days, and was hosted at Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN). In the participating countries operators and other fitness stakeholders are consulted over the proposals which are then considered by the main working group. EuropeActive has been encouraging more engagement through the national associations so that the standards are fully representative of the diversity of the fitness sector and different conditions which exist across Europe.