The European Parliament is gearing up for the confirmation of the new European Commissioners

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With the European Parliament seated in July, it is now time for the European Commission candidates to get confirmation of the European Parliament. There is one commissioner per member state and, in agreement with President-elect, Ursula von der Leyen, member states have already selected their candidates. Now it’s Ursula von der Leyen’s decision to assign to each of these candidates a portfolio, such as trade or health, on which they will be working for the next 5 years. 

Once the portfolios have been assigned, the European members of Parliament (MEPs) will have the opportunity to grill the incoming commissioner-designates on their competence and abilities. This will happen during closely watched Parliamentary committee hearings in late September and October. It’s not uncommon that Parliament fails one or more candidate commissioners during these hearings. When this happens, the candidate usually withdraws and his or her member state selects a new candidate, who’ll have to go through a new hearing.

Once all the hearings are done and the European Parliament has indicated that all candidates are up to the task, there is a final vote on the full College of Commissioners at the end of October. On November 1st, Ursula von der Leyen and her team will be in place as the new European Commission and they will start working to implement their agenda together with the other EU institutions.

EuropeActive will be paying close attention to the confirmation hearings of the candidate commissioners for Health, Sport, Agriculture and Employment and we are looking forward to engaging and work with the new European Commission.