Growing the fitness sector through innovation - new book by EuropeActive

The European Health and Fitness Forum 2016 is expected to bring together nearly 400 attendees  when it sets foot in Cologne on the 6th of April. During the one-day event, leading industry experts will present lectures and host discussions on issues concerning the future of the industry. The day will culminate with the release of a new industry outlook study “Growing the Fitness Sector Through Innovation.” All participants will receive a complimentary copy.

The European health and fitness sector consists of approximately 48.000 facilities, 50 million members and 400.000 employees. For decades it has shown consistent growth in terms of members, clubs, employees, and so on. From new wearables to more effective training methodologies, through the use of big data to improved fitness standards, Europe is at the forefront of innovation. New concepts, programmes, and systems arise every year.

But are we truly prepared for what lies ahead? Within the fitness industry, the vision is promoted that fitness clubs should not only influence members in the club itself, but also support health promotion in other settings such as at home, at work and in the outdoors. Fitness clubs can and should be the centre of motivation and education, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and supporting health-related behaviour change.

In light of this, the 2016 European Health and Fitness Forum will see the release of a new book “Growing the Fitness Sector through Innovation.” The book is the result of the support and commitment of Technogym to bring new research and evidence to our industry. The publication’s purpose is to create an even more innovative sector as one of the drivers of the plan to get more Europeans, more active, more often. This core mission of EuropeActive applies not only to the growth of the industry, but to society as a whole.

The main target group of this book are club owners and managers in the health and fitness sector who want to build new business opportunities through innovation. Multiple experts contributed to the book, including Tony Davila, Carl Rhode and Jeff Gaspersz. The publication presents important insights, inspirational examples and practical tools and ideas that are certain to meet the changing expectations and needs of today’s fast-moving society.

Attend the European Health and Fitness Forum 2016 and receive a complimentary copy of the book. Register today.

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From 6th April, you’ll also be able to purchase the publication through our Knowledge Centre.

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This publication is the result of the support and commitment of Technogym to bring new research and evidence to our industry