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European health and fitness market report 2016

 In its 3rd edition the EuropeActive European health and fitness market report represents the most comprehensive analysis of the European Health and fitness industry to date. The report shows the main fitness operators and the numbers in the fitness and health markets in Europe as well as the recent merger and acquisition activities. Health and fitness club operators remains highly attractive for investors from both the outside and the inside industry. In addition to its focus the report also have a snapshot of the global equipment industry, highlighting the status and development of leading fitness equipment industries.

Why it is important?

By having the report you will be eligible to have the up to date information on the numbers regarding the health and fitness market in Europe. You will gain deep understanding of the big players in the market and what are their revenues. Knowing the rankings of the leading operators in the industry will give you a clear view of the sector and the state of play in it, this will help you to find your place there. Being informed on the latest numbers and data of the market is a key for building your business, sales and marketing strategy.  In addition that you can find interviews with some of the Executive directors of fitness industry companies, sharing knowhow  from experience in the fitness and health market.

Overview of the report

The report provides clear explanations and detailed profiles of the largest national fitness markets in Europe by visual graphics with in depth information on the revenues, members and numbers of facilities. According to the data, Germany is the largest market in Europe with a total of 9.5 million members, followed by the UK with 8.8 million members. With total market volume of total EUR 26.7 billion, Europe has taken over the leading role as the largest fitness market in the world. The report is the most comprehensive piece of research on the European health and fitness market.

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