National Fitness Days 2017

National Fitness Days is the European fitness sector contribution to the European Week of Sport 2017.
It will be an opportunity to present the economic and social potential of fitness, raise the profile of the sector in Europe and eventually show how fitness makes the difference in making more people, more active, more often.
We consider National Fitness Days as a pre-runner activity to the Let’s#BEACTIVE project, cofunded project which will start in 2018. Through this project, the aim is to encourage 60.000 current inactive adults in 8 EU countries to start being active and adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. The project will also support the EWoS fitness focus theme at national and local community levels)


National Fitness Day – Concept
EuropeActive has encouraged its 20 National Fitness Associations to be in contact with the European Week of Sport National Coordinator in order to organise fitness related events.
We have collected positive feedbacks from several Fitness Associations which are now supporting the #BeActive campaign in different ways and will increase the media reach and participation of the week.

At the same time, EuropeActive has collaborated with other partners. Events like the ones proposed by the Wellness Foundation, the House of Sport Conference, the Gympass “corporate wellness method” and the media support offered by Basic Fit Belgium and Fitness First Germany will contribute to increase the #BeActive media reach and consequently make more people aware of the European Week of Sport initiative.

List of events:

EuropeActive encourage the partners to use #BeActive in their social media activities related to their events in order to take advantages of the European Week of Sport media coverage.
Moreover, the partners were invited to be active on social media: subscribe the #BeActive Newsletter, join #BeActive Facebook page, promote the EWoS through their network, share, comment, retweet/reply and like any post related to the European Week of Sport both from institutional channels and other sport organisations.  


National Fitness Days Media Reach

23.200 people reached through multiple mailings and newsletters

11.416 people reached through Facebook

5612 people reached through Twitter

3102 people reached through LinkedIN

1202 people reached through Instagram

#NationalFitnessDay hashtag reached 143.686 people, generating 257.839 impressions on Twitter

Last year, EuropeActive was the 3rd most active account on social media during the European Week of Sport.
This year, we have planned to better ourselves.