European Commission Announces New Skills Agenda

The European Commission recently announced its New Skills Agenda which is a major review of how vocational education and training will be delivered in the future. This has a particular effect of the fitness sector as it opens the opportunity for our qualifications to be better quality-assured, and to be more specifically designed to support employers and changing customer needs. EuropeActive has been successful in winning a EU-funded project that will look at “unifying” the delivery of personal trainer qualifications and to build recognition of them across all European countries. There is already a high level of mobility of EREPS members – moving across Europe to work and learn in different countries (and around the world) - and in this project there is now the chance for some new systems to help recognise different certifications and to raise standards for fitness trainers.
Fitness club owners and operators and training companies, together with technical experts from EuropeActive’s contacts, will help to develop these new processes and systems. You will start to hear the words of a “skills alliance” which is the new European term for this type of work, and fitness is taking a lead to make sure we can produce enough PTs to meet the increasing demand of our services. The forthcoming International Standards Meeting that will take place in Athens 17-18 November this year will have a special focus on how EuropeActive will use the project to boost the fitness sector and to help raise the skills of fitness trainers and to launch the Active Leisure Sector Skills Alliance.