Open external consultation for the recognition of Pre-designed Programme group instructors

EuropeActive is developing a new procedure for the recognition of Pre-designed Programme Group Instructors by the European Register of Exercise Professionals.

EuropeActive’s Professional Standards Committee, in consultation with several industry stakeholders, has led the work to establish this new category of registration. Recently, the external consultation process commenced as the next step towards the finalisation of this process. The more experts involved, the better. Therefore, if this process can benefit from your expertise and professional experience, we would very much appreciate your contribution and support.

The official announcement of the external consultation can be found on the Standards website of EuropeActive at The deadline to receive your comments is the 22nd of September. To provide these comments, please complete the official comments form and return to the following e-mail address:

We strongly believe that this project can bring great benefit to the employability of exercise professionals and the credibility of the fitness sector.