Signing of Memorandum of Trust and Understanding with Polish register

  • Polish Register for Exercise Professionals

Julian Berriman, the EuropeActive Director of the Professional Standards Committee and Bartosz Groffik, the Chairman of the Polish Personal Trainers Association (PZTP - Polski Zwiazek Trenerow Personalnych) are both honoured to have recently signed a Memorandum of Trust and Understanding. This MoUT describes the criteria for a working relationship to exist between the EuropeActive Professional Standards Committee and the PZTP on behalf of the Polish Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS-Pol) to promote, help regulate, and control the standards applied to exercise professionals and training providers in Poland.

The terms and conditions of the MoUT represent the current position of a developing relationship between EuropeActive and the PZTP. By signing the MoUT PZTP confirmed that the standards and processes being applied by REPS-POL are based on work-based competences, skills and knowledge and have been referenced to the Polish National Qualification Framework, the European Qualifications Framework and EuropeActive’s Sector Qualification Framework.

The MoUT states that any individual exercise professional who applies for registration will have their certifications and work-based training and experiences mapped against the EuropeActive Standards and will meet or exceed these standards before their admittance to REPS-POL.

By signing the MoUT Europe Active and the PZTP further consolidated their already close working relationship and their mutual desire to work toward the on-going professionalisation of the fitness sector.

Julian Berriman said:

“We are delighted to have signed the MoUT with the PZTP and to give them our full support in the setting up and on-going operation of REPS-POL as part of the EREPS programme. It is our central aim to professionalise the fitness sector across Europe, the creation of REPS-POL is an important stepping stone in this process.”

Bartosz Groffik said:

“Signing the MoUT with EuropeActive is a great chance and possibility to keep the highest standards for the fitness sector in Poland. It is a big step in moving forward with the professionalization of the whole fitness sector in our country. EREPS guarantees the best solutions, programs and practices in the creation of REPS – POL as an important and reliable unit.”