Two New Books on European Fitness Standards

“The fitness sector requires professionals with relevant competences, skills and knowledge to provide safe, customer-oriented services.” Alongside its significant economic contribution, the fitness sector plays a major role in making a more active and healthy Europe. The fitness sector is an industry that provides exercise, fitness and activity services specifically focused on client involvement and goal achievement. Thus, people working in the fitness industry are vital because they support, accompany and help customers achieve their fitness-related goals. One essential task is the development of standards that are commonly accepted by industry stakeholders based on current educational policy. EuropeActive together with its publishing partner Human Kinetics believes that education based on standards leads to more participation whether you are just starting to become part of the fitness sector or you are already an active part of it!

Two new books based on the current European fitness standards are now ready to be published. “EuropeActive’s Foundations for Exercise Professionals” and EuropeActive’s Essentials for Fitness Instructors are endorsed by EuropeActive, the continent’s leading standard-setting organisation in fitness and health. A must-have for current and future exercise professionals and training providers in Europe to support EuropeActive’s objective: “More people, More Active, More Often.” The books on be already found on Amazon and will become part of European libraries in March, 2015.

EuropeActive’s Foundations for Exercise Professionals will provide core knowledge and industry standards to help exercise professionals serve their clients. The book will use scientific foundations to cover concepts and hands-on skills that promote best practices in exercise instruction and training. The content will apply to all levels of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and associated job titles—the only resource to do so—and will match the core information for EQF levels 3 and 4. Thus, this instructional guide will ensure smooth movement and work transfers among employers, educational institutions and countries in Europe.

Written by renowned experts in exercise and sport sciences and framed in the European Register of Exercise Professionals’ Code of Ethical Practice for exercise professionals, the text will offer several practical features for readers. “EuropeActive’s Foundations for Exercise Professionals” will start by covering the bones, joints, muscles and cardiovascular system to ensure a proper understanding of the body’s movement and physiology. Readers then will learn the components of exercise theory and prescription, including energy systems; body composition; resistance, aerobic and flexibility training; warm-up and cool-down; and the principle of progression. The book helps professionals become role models in the industry with information on managing lifestyle through physical activity, health, nutrition, hydration and safety. After gaining foundational knowledge, readers then will look closer at the role of the exercise professional, starting with building rapport, motivating, screening and assessing clients. The final chapters will discuss the basic aspects of training: exercise technique using weight machines, free weights and cardiorespiratory equipment.

Both aspiring and qualified exercise professionals should keep abreast of foundational information about all areas of the health and fitness sector in order to properly serve the industry and their clients. “EuropeActive’s Foundations for Exercise Professionals” is an ideal reference for promoting physical activity, making lifestyles healthier and guiding clients toward their fitness goals.

Authored by renowned experts from all over Europe, “EuropeActive’s Essentials for Fitness Instructors supports fitness instructors in promoting healthy lifestyle management and exercise adherence. It will serve as a guideline covering the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for level 3 classification in the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), the baseline standards for registered fitness instructors in Europe. It will provide you with the mechanical and physiological information with hands-on techniques and practical examples to ensure that all fitness instructors deliver enjoyable and effective exercise sessions.

Current and future fitness instructors will learn ideal ways to deliver excellent customer service and motivate participants, identify participants’ motives and goals, prepare appropriate choreography and use music, provide effective and safe instruction; display and provide feedback on technique; and give advice on intensity, progressions and adaptations and deliver excellent customer service and be a positive role model for participants in a clean and safe environment.

Aspiring and qualified fitness instructors have a duty of care to keep up with the latest health and fitness standards. “EuropeActive’s Essentials for Fitness Instructors will ensure instructors are properly serving their industry and their clients. For those who promote physical activity and healthier lifestyles, there is no other title with more authority in Europe.

You can already order your copies of “EuropeActive’s Foundations for Exercise Professionals” and “EuropeActive’s Essentials for Fitness Instructors” at the links below

EuropeActives Foundations for Exercise Professionals
EuropeActives Essentials for Fitness Instructors