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The T-BOW® is an original Swiss invention by Sandra Bonacina (physiotherapist and university fitness teacher), technically developed for gym, outdoor and home training since 1995 with Viktor Denoth (university mountain sports teacher) and tested in group fitness sessions from 2005 at the University of Zurich.

Since 2007, highly specialized professionals in sciences of movement education, sports training, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, sport and clinical biomechanics, sports medicine and psychology from Sport Training Barcelona, have collaborated in the technical-scientific development of the T-BOW®.

In October 2021, based on the trust established during these years, T-BOW® FIT INTERNATIONAL is created as an exclusive delegation of SABOFIT T-BOW® INTERNATIONAL SWITZERLAND, thus forming a more interactive team that will make a leap in quality to the expansion of the T-BOW®, optimizing from its manufacture with the highest Swiss quality standards, its sale and distribution throughout the world, the design of basic and advanced educations, the variety of personalized services, to the excellence in the science of training with T-BOW®.

Fields of application of the T-BOW®: health, fitness, wellness, physiotherapy, yoga, fit and sport training, pilates, bodymind and holistic movement optimization, with differential quality programs for group fitness.