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Portugal Activo
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National Association
Company Description:
AGAP – PORTUGAL ACTIVO, founded in 1999, is an official partner and point of reference for issues related to the Health and Fitness industry.

With more than 1,100 health club members and 700 fitness professionals; a team who know the reality of the Portuguese market, PORTUGAL ACTIVO defends the interests of its members, and seeks to contribute to the development of the Portuguese Health & Fitness industry.

PORTUGAL ACTIVO is an advocate of the legitimate interests of the Portuguese health & fitness industry when communicating with Government and National Authorities, in the pursuit of making Portugal a healthier country with healthier companies and jobs!

PORTUGAL ACTIVO has a huge responsibility to provide ways and means to achieve this shared objective. All stakeholders are motivated to improve the current level of market penetration, in order to get closer to the European average, whilst at the same time also improving levels of member retention.