EQF advisory group meeting

  • EQF Advisory meeting

Representatives from EuropeActive and the European Confederation of outdoor Employers met with the EQF Advisory Group to discuss proposals for the recognition of international qualifications by national qualification frameworks. The Active Leisure Sector has developed a pathway which describes the steps that an international organisation should make to develop qualifications and to submit them for inclusion on NQFs. The pathway separates areas of sector representativeness and its credibility in doing this work, how the role of a sector skills alliance works and the importance of quality assurance in the qualification delivery. A full pathway can be viewed here

Cliff Collins, EuropeActive’s Programme Director described the meeting as being extremely productive and the pathway proposal contributed considerably to the debate with the Member State experts and officers from DG Employment. A response from the EQF AG to the Council Recommendation 11 is expected to be finalised in April 2019. The 2 qualifications already developed for Active Leisure – Personal training and Outdoor Animator – will now start be tested in the implementation process with several NQFs as part of the BLUEPRINT project.